Watch Omar and he'll explain WHY this is ESSENTIAL!...

Our Bonuses Have Been Structured Into 3 TIERS:


The Higher Level of Launch Control You Purchase - The MORE BONUSES You Get!

Everybody Who Grabs Launch Control Center ($3.95) Gets All Our Basic Level Bonuses

Ultimate Sales Video Script Pack

Creating sales videos can be a daunting task because there are many moving parts in the process. There is the technical side of recording and editing and there is the side of scripting and creating video sales copy that actually engages and SELLS.

People screw this up because they spend too much time trying to make it look beautiful and stream properly so they take their eye off the ball.

This product contains 2 Training Videos and 10 video scripts for you to use that will take care of the "sales" portion for you so that you can focus on making it look great. With the Ultimate Sales Video Script Pack you'll be able to create launch video scripts for ANY type of product or audience.

Est. $47.00 Value

The Launch Manifesto

The launch manifesto is a great set of companion videos that will assist you in the launching of any product ESPECIALLY if you are creating a launch on the Clickbank platform.

"Create a sales funnel" is a phrase that you hear tossed around all the time but the process of doing it can get complicated. The sales funnel assembly process varies from platform to platform and these 3 Training Videos will help you distinguish key factors when assembling your launch funnel.

You'll learn Launch Anatomy, Clickbank Funnels and even Recruiting Affiliates which is a topic that other products only skim over or just ignore altogether.

Est. $27.00 Value

Online Business Advantage

The sad truth is that most people that tried to start an online business last year are already gone. They failed, and the same fate awaits those that are starting today. The reason for this is that they are just shooting for a quick payday and they miss the fundamentals. They fail to set up an actual business that brings in consistent money cause they're in too much of a hurry to fine the "secret fairy dust" that will bring in overnight riches. The Online Business Advantage is a 5 video training series that covers how to reverse engineer a profitable LONG TERM business.

You'll learn about Running An Online Business, Engineering A Business Plan, Branding & Engagement and we will even teach you about Developing Software as a business model for automated recurring income.

Est. $67.00 Value

Advanced Marketing Methods

Things advance rapidly in the Internet marketing arena and once you get the basics down you'll have to start learning some advanced tactics in order to scale your business and keep the money coming in consistently.

These 4 video tutorials will cover topics that are not usually found in newbie courses because they deal with more advanced tactics.

You'll learn how to create Unbeatable Bonuses to win launch contests. Mastering Webinars for adding an additional 6 figures per year to your bottom line. Bad Ass Video Creation so you no longer look like a newbie and Online Persuasion Principles to take your conversion rates and EPC's into super affiliate status!

Est. $67.00 Value

IM Trust Worthy
(Lifetime Premier Membership)

Nothing can be more important than establishing trust on your sales page.

IMTW premier membership aligns you with like minded individuals, over 4000 Honest and trustworthy marketers that you can team up with.

This bonus gives you UNLIMITED trust seals for all your sites as well as advertising space in our members area to get you traffic! Your IMTW membership brings you into a community of marketers that you can interact with in the members area, request affiliation and chat directly with potential trustworthy JVs.

This service actually costs $347 per year but you get it FREE FOR LIFE with this bonus.

Est. $997.00 Value

Speedy Product Creator
(All New For 2015 - Unreleased)

Creating fresh, new products that are in demand is a must these days whether you are launching them yourself or using them as bonuses for a launch.

The SPC software is the fastest way to create stunning digital eBooks and reports without having to fuss with Microsoft Word or any other time consuming document creator.

This tool is specifically designed for Internet marketers and it comes with a complete training course on product creation that will take you from niche research through traffic generation and everything in between.

Est. $67.00 Value

The Launch Crush Factor

"Crushing" a launch does not require a huge list but it does take a well thought out campaign. Copying and pasting someone elses emails won't do the trick.

You need a plan, thats where the Launch Crush Factor comes in to play. This product is the result of 4 years of testing and implementing the "Crush Campaign".

Omar Martin created and cultivated this powerful tactic to perfection and you're about to get it all straight from the horses mouth. Includes the Crush Execution video and the PDF swipes with specific modification instructions.

Est. $67.00 Value

Lifetime Access to Affiliate Ad Rotator

This is AWESOME!

Simply, select your ads via check box, enter your ClickBank ID, select how many ads you would like to be displayed at any one time and choose your display options, such as borders, spacing and alignment, then hit the 'Generate Code' button and you have the code that will randomly display all the HIGHLY converting ads you selected, earning you ADDITIONAL affiliate commissions, straight into your ClickBank account every single week!

You get Lifetime Access to Affiliate Ad Rotator.

Est. $286.00 Value

KickAss Sales Pages
(7 Videos - 7 PDFs - HTML Sales Letter Template)

If you want to pretend that you're an expert fisherman or golfer go right ahead but Sales copy is way to important too kid yourself about. This product skips all the psycho babble bull crap and teaches you JUST WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW in order to make people buy your stuff. The best part is that KASP 2015 details the various types of selling across multiple platforms for specific audiences.

There is no "one size fits all" sales template and KASP 2015 arms you with the tools to sell anything to anyone. It also includes HTML sales copy templates!

You'll learn about: Types Of Sales Pages, Selling Information, Selling Digital Gizmos & Widgets, Video Sales Letters, Selling With Webinars, Psychological Selling Triggers and of course... Long Form Sales Letter Anatomy. This is a MUST HAVE RESOURCE for any internet marketer.

Est. $97.00 Value

Lifetime Access to ClickBank Affiliate Master

ClickBank Affiliate Master allows your affiliates to promote multiple products and pages via a single ClickBank account.

This means you can have have affiliates promote any page you choose via a single ClickBank ‘hoplink’, allowing you to personalize discount pages for your affiliates.

This gives you MASSIVE additional leverage when you are trying to recruit BIG JV's to promote your product. If somebody offered you a personalised page for your subscribers only, possibly with a special discount, I'm sure you would be more attracted to promote the product, I know we would!

Est. $97.00 Value

Everybody Who Grabs The 'GOLD' Launch Control Package, Available After Your Initial Purchase Gets All These Bonuses, Which Includes Everything From Basic, PLUS our GOLD BONUSES Too!

45 Day Traffic Plan Complete
Traffic Generation Workshop

Just imagine the power of traffic you'll have at your fingertips with this Complete Traffic Plan Workshop!

In this complete workshop you'll get over 100 HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC TRAINING VIDEOS created by a traffic expert who is making 7 figures online using the very same methods that you’ll learn in this AWESOME course!

This is a VERY comprehensive, yet VERY simple to follow course that will get you to start PROFITING in just 45 days.

Est. $497.00 Value

Traffic Generation Explosion Video Course

Just imagine the power of traffic you'll have at your fingertips with this Excellent Traffic Generation Explosion training course!

This course includes 52 Professionally Recorded Videos with basic and advanced traffic techniques, not forgetting the all important FREE Traffic methods too!

This also comes with an AWESOME 32 page eBook, so you can quickly glance over all the methods you have learned and implement them FAST!

Est. $497.00 Value

Affiliate Promo Formula and Affiliate Alliance

The Affiliate Promo Formula is a formula that has generated John well over $1,000,000 in affiliate sales, even if you are starting from Scratch with No List, No Product and without spending One Cent on Traffic!

You ALSO get FULL LIFETIME ACCESS to the Affiliate Alliance, this is where you get to work with John personally, as part of his Super Affiliate Team, forming a VERY powerful affiliate alliance. You get Live Case Studies, Mastermind Group Training, Monthly Training Modules, Inside Information to Some of The Hottest launches, Exclusive Affiliate Promo Formula Forum Access, Personal Support and Advice During a Product Launch Promotion, and much more!

Est. $234.00 Value

Dave Nicholson's Total Web Traffic
(Lifetime Access)

Learn How to get Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic Going Straight to Your Website, Auction, Blog, Adverts or Squeeze Page!

Total Web Traffic is a comprehensive membership website, packed with loads and LOADS of HIGH Quality and Simple to Follow training in multiple formats, plus literally HUNDREDS of traffic generation tactics. This training has helped HUNDREDS of people succeed in traffic generation, whether they are experienced or a total beginner!

This is GUARANTEED to help you to succeed with all your traffic generation efforts, now and in the future!

Est. $97.00 Value

150,000 Articles With Full Private Label Rights!

Yes, you read that right, that's 150,000 articles with FULL PRIVATE LABEL Rights, so you can do whatever you like with them!

We all know that submitting articles is a great way of generating continuous, HIGH QUALITY traffic, and high quality traffic is ESSENTIAL when launching any product, or building momentum to any online venture for that matter!

With this MASSIVE article package you'll never need to buy or write another article for a long, LONG TIME!

Est. $497.00 Value

50 Landing Page Templates
(With Resell Rights)

Landing pages are essential for any product launch, as well as many other applications, so we have created a MASSIVE package of over 50 landing page templates, complete with loads and loads of graphics that can help your landing page look the part in the shortest time possible.

You can use these templates however you choose, on as many product launches as you need to, now and in the future!

PLUS, we'll also throw in Resell Rights with these, so you can sell them on for additional profit.

Est. $97.00 Value

20 Squeeze Page Templates
(With Master Resell Rights)

Squeeze pages are essential for any product launch, as well as many other applications, so we have created a collection of 20 Ultra High Quality Squeeze Page Templates that are Simple to Edit, List Building Squeeze Pages, ready for you to start building your mailing list or utilizing as exit pages on your products.

These squeeze page templates are designed to make it really simple for anybody to start list building, there are no graphics to edit, no complicated forms to add and no complicated integration skills needed, everything is pre-formatted ready for you to copy and paste!

PLUS, we'll also throw in Master Resell Rights with these, so you can sell them on for additional profit.

Est. $67.00 Value

Everybody Who Grabs The 'PLATINUM' Launch Control Package, Available After Your Initial Purchase Gets Our PLATINUM Level Bonus, Which Includes Everything From BASIC, GOLD, PLUS PLATINUM!

Custom Membership Website Clone, Training + Graphics!

This is a professionally created and vigorously tested 27 page membership website built on the WordPress platform using the Optimize Press 2 theme and Optimize Member membership plugin.

We also include a 1 hour training detailing how your site can be tailored to fit your product launch. The site comes with 4 membership levels ready to deliver, eBooks, videos and audios to your customers. All the OP2 variables have been set up and inserted for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions to deploy the site on your own domain then insert your content and BOOM!

Plus - Use the included graphics package to pimp out your site and make it look how ever you want! You’ve got a “Web Developer In A Box” with this bonus!

Use our HLS Skeleton™ Template (included) with the FREE Cloning software that we recommend to deploy this website on as many domains as you wish. You have an Unlimited License to reuse this website as often as you wish. All is explained inside the Bonus Factory!

** Please Note - This is an EXCLUSIVE bonus only available to those that purchase the PLATINUM LEVEL upsell from John & Daniel’s Launch Control Center offer.

Est. $497.00 Value

Product Launch Assistance

With Product Launch Assistance Bonus you'll receive all of this VALUABLE assistance form us:

#1 Parallel offer positioning support via email from both of us for 12 months.

#2 A launch funnel and offer critique from one of us to ensure that your campaign is positioned for maximum conversion.

#3 Affiliate and JV recruitment campaign support via email from both of us for 12 months.

#4 A launch announcement email to both of our JV lists totaling in over 5,000 affiliates!

#5 Instructions on how to perform a physical JV mailer via post cards and postal letters (highly recommended!)

** Please Note - This is an EXCLUSIVE bonus only available to those that purchase the PLATINUM LEVEL upsell from John & Daniel’s Launch Control Center offer.

Est. $1,997.00 Value



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